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Everyone loves a parade!

Here’s little Debbie doing her part for the rescued Shelties!


The LL Dog Rescue walked 40 dogs along side our float entry in the Snake Saturday Parade and Debbie was all dressed up in her Irish Green in this fancy feather boa and just prance all along the parade route!  

Oh the cuteness is just too much!!

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  1. John, The Sheltie Rescuers have actually split (amicably) with LL Dog Rescue and formed a Breed Specific Sheltie Rescue! Kansas City Sheltie Rescue! I’m not sure if we’ll do the Snake Saturday Parade again or not next year yet, but we are doing a number of events this summer including the 4th of July Parade in Parkville. See our website for upcomming events! Thanks for rescueing a Sheltie too!

  2. Cute, Do you know if LL Dog Rescue is doing the float again next year?
    Caretaker of a rescued sheltie in Olathe.

  3. Look at Debbie sitting so proudly! What a good girl!

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