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Here comes trouble!

Sunnyspants Sunny spent her first 5 years in a puppy mill before being dumped at a Doberman rescue where we found her. 

Never having been in a house, shown any affection, or trained at all, needless-to-say she’s given us a challenge or two in the 5 years she’s lived with us – most recently figuring out a way around the Elizabethan collar to remove all her stitches after hip surgery!

So my wife found an appropriately monogrammed shirt (“Here comes trouble”) and a pair of pants, which Sunny thoroughly enjoyed parading around the house in and which did an excellent job of keeping her away from the scar.

Hugs to you & your wife Rick for adopting Sunny!

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  1. Puppy mill dogs do give you some challenges don’t they? But isn’t it that much more wonderful when they come around and accept you and start to show you affection!? Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on adopting Sunny. She is precious. Alot of feeling in those eyes.Wishing her many happy years with her Daddy and Mommy…

  3. This is such a cute picture and a great way to keep Sunny from the scar. So neat she enjoys the clothes!!

  4. What a great idea! I plan on trying that when Bastien gets neutered!

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