Sheltie Nation

How can anyone EVER resist a Sheltie?

Well, I for one can’t.  How about you?
EllyandtipBonnie, beautiful photo of Elly and Tip!

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  1. What a beautiful photo. They look like they have halos around them.

  2. What beautiful shelties. All it takes for me is one look into those all knowing eyes and I melt, as my two know all too well.

  3. Stunning picture… Exquisite expressions… You can just see their loving temperament in those eyes…
    Do not think I have ever seen such a beautiful head shot!

  4. love this photo. Elly and Tip are adorably beautiful!

  5. What beautiful shelties they are. Perfect ears and nice markings. They look like show dogs.

  6. wow what wonderful faces and a great camera shot. What type of Camera did you us and where did you get those lovely pups??

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