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Surefire cure for workday blues!

Say hello to little Gemma!
GemmaOMG what a face, Kathey!

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  1. beautiful little face & such eyes !!!
    I haven’t had a puppy since the early 70’s … these pictures are making me want to contact our local sheltie club for a new baby. don’t think my Sashi would be too pleased

  2. How could you resist such a little beauty.

  3. Do you have a link to learn how old Gemma is and if she’s ready for adoption? We need a young female for our 5 month old male. He has too much energy for our 8 year old male sheltie.

  4. Oh my. I think I’ve gone to heaven. I love the Sheltie eyes and face. Love love love! Gemma is absolutely adorable!

  5. What a cutie! Yes, we will want another puppy later on.

  6. That is just toooo cute! what a sweet little one!

  7. They’re all such beautiful babies! This is why we fell in love with the breed in the first place!

  8. What a beauty! Makes me want to buy another sheltie puppy:)

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