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Windy Sheltie!

Why do Shelties look so extra funny & cute when it is windy out?  LOL
ChaseyChase is a real cutie Stephanie & Dan!

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  1. Oh, SO TRUE!
    Julie, that is SO FUNNY, because Toffee is also nicknamed Fabio, because he is always doing the face in the wind pose, at the beach and wherever he can!

  2. Looks like we need a Wind Shelties category!

  3. Thanks for the sheltie love. Chase loves the wind, yes he loves to hog the fan, but never sticks his head out the window. He loves the winter when its blustery and cold. His nick name when his hair is blowing all around is FABIO! lol
    Stephanie and Dan

  4. I’ve had 3 Shelties and all of them love the wind. One winter we had brutal cold, wind chills hitting 50 & 60 below & my little goof was standing out in the yard facing into the wind and couldn’t have been happier. My little girl hogs the fans too, just like my 2 little boy Shelties did. It’s a Sheltie thing!

  5. hee hee.Very cute!

  6. my guys love to stand with thier face into the wind. They do not ride in the car with faces out the window like the beagles, but they stand in front of a fan or in the yard with faces into the wind. I think they know they are pretty dogs with all that fur flying.

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