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A Sheltie’s love & gratitude

Nina opened up her home & rescued Bizkit.  Here he is at their Annual Rescue Sheltie Picnic, getting his rescue rosette! Nina could not imagine life without this little furry soul; my bet is that Bizkit couldn’t either.
Bizkit Such a heartwarming photo, Nina!

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  1. People love their shelties and thier shelties love them right back.

  2. Hi Nina and Bizkit
    I actually got to meet Nina and Mr.Barky in Maine. They sure will travel LONGG distances for sheltie rescue work

  3. What a wonderful picture of you and Bizkit.
    He surely is thanking you for giving hime such a wonderful life.

  4. Thanks Everybody and especially to NJ Sheltie Rescue and Aneita for all the hard work she puts in, with her volunteers, foster homes etc … to enable sweet shelties like Bizkit to have another go at a happy life!

  5. Thanlks for a wonderful shot, both of you. And, this is a classic pose for a Sheltie: love and admiration for it’s master.
    Also, thanks a lot for adopting this baby, Bizkit.

  6. What a beautiful picture Nina. And Bizkit is so very handsome. How lucky you both are to have one another!!!!

  7. Congratulations Nina and Bizkit !! That’s an awesome thing to have a special day to say thank you for adopting these fine furkids. : )

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