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Herding fish

Today is Trevor’s 11th birthday!  It is cause for even greater celebration than usual, as we were not sure he would have still been with us for this milestone.  (He is fighting liver disease & failing knees.  But thankfully, he is doing pretty good these days.)

So I thought I’d take a moment to share one of Trevor’s little precious quirks that make us giggle.  I always knew he had a keen herding instinct, but never had him officially tested. I’m pretty confident he would have done just fine.

As you can see, he is the little protector of all living things here at Eden Farm.  Even the fish.  When they are all rounded up I can’t get his head out of the bucket.


Of course much to Trevor’s glee, this is a twice a year process (once in the spring when they go outside into the pond and once in the fall when the fishes go live in their indoor tank.)  He is glued to the bucket and can’t wait until I put it down.  Neither loud squeeky toys nor a delicious cookie will break his concentration.

You keep an eye on them big guy.  We love you!

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  1. Trevor, you are in my heart… Happy Birthday sweetheart … Keep going baby ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Trevor!!! Every year with our shelties is a gift. Congrats on your 11th year with Trevor – what a guy!!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR.. This site is my favorite of all time… Once you own a sheltie you will NEVER have a different doggie… Feel better and go for 12!!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday Trevor. Keep those fish in line!!

  5. What a super cutie, Happy Birthday Trev – and hope you can hold out for a while longer, seems that you have plenty to offer the world and protect your loving family including the fishies!

  6. Happy Birthday Trevor pup from Mollie the almost collie (she’s built like a sheltie but has the lonnnnnng collie nose)!!!! Good boy keeping an eye on the fishies… you can make it to 12, sweetie!!!
    Hugs and ear ruffles for you sweet boy!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to you Trevor!

  8. Happy birthday little fella. God bless you for hanging in there with the health things. And, God bless mom and all for helping you get to 11. Go for # 12. There will be even more fish.

  9. Shelties are natural nurse maids too and he’s not only herding, he’s making sure everyone is OK and that they stay that way.

  10. Happy birthday from the four Barks Brothers, Trevor! I guess it’s really true that Shelties will try to heard anything!
    Two of the Barks Brothers are 11. One is in great health, the other has arthritis in one “elbow” and his lower back. We know how Trevor feels.

  11. Happy birthday Trevor! You sound like such a great dog! Keeping the pack together.

  12. Happy Birthday Trevor! He is such a handsome guy!

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