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More Maine vacations!

Little Myla enjoyed the sights on the Maine Shore…
Mylasportrait then decided that Human Nicole should spend the night in the crate.

Mylacrate Smart dog Marjorie! :)

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  1. Och aye my wee bairn, you’ve crated yer lassie! Brilliant! :)

  2. myla looks so happy in the 1st pic; lol nicole

  3. You have your human well trained, and it’s very smart of you, you know they need a safe place and have a denning instinct! She’ll be a happier human all around.

  4. The brrrrreeze on the bluffs bring back historrric memories of windy brrrrrisk days on the moors with the wee sheep.
    No crrrates then, why now?
    (Grrrreat to see the fun you have with Myla. She would happily guard you all night, outside of the crate)

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