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Office guard

Teddy was the runt of the litter and at 13.3 lbs is literally half this size of his sister, but a more lovable companion you’ll never find.  Here he is in his “Hey, any treats on that desk” look while guarding my office at work.
Teddy2With a face like that, how on earth do you get any work done Bill?!

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  1. It’s obvious who the real boss is :-) I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this truly wonderful dog, who does a great job of watching over the office and Bill.

  2. OMG He looks JUST like my furbaby!! I love his sweet disposition revealed

  3. If you re lucky enough to work at a company that allows pets you are lucky enough. Teddy looks like a real cutie!

  4. Our color headed white sheltie also weighs 13 lbs.. It’s so funny when our two bigger shelties are “arguing” over a toy,he has a way of sneaking right in there and ends up walking away with the toy, leaving the other two looking around wondering how that happened! Dynamite comes in small packages!

  5. What a sweetie. How do you resist that face? He looks so hugable.

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