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Blushing bride

Lily is being such a good sport!  Like all Shelties, she has a lot of patience with her crazy humans!Bride Well, she does look happy Wendy & Justin.  Maybe she feels pretty!  :)


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  1. What a beautiful sheltie, she is quite the blushing bride.

  2. Ooh, what a sweet little girl!!
    Can you even imagine her in a bridal party??? Oh…you could rent her out by the hour…she could be like a movie star…paid by appearance…too adorable!!!!

  3. My grandpuppy looks adorable in her bridal dress; she loved posing for that picture. Happy Halloween!!! Love, Gram B.

  4. What a happy smile! This costume is adorable.

  5. All little girls dream of being a beautiful bride. Lily looks like she’s waiting for Mr. Right.

  6. Lily is pretty anyway! But, the Bride’s dress is such a good idea. She does look happy!

  7. That is the happiest bride I’ve ever seen!

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