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Fuzzy buns!

It is always so fun walking Shelties… even if they walk in front of you!Sheltiebutts In case you were wondering…here is their other cute side.  ;)FrontsBest part?  Three of the four cuties are from rescues!

Hugs to you Gloria for adopting!

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  1. 3 out of 4 are rescues, and you can’t tell which one is not!

  2. I am from malaysia, i wanna adopt a little sheltie puppy.. but i dont know where.. Still searching..

  3. Yep, we get comments all the time when we walk them together… everything from “are they all related” to “are you a dog walker”? We just love all of them… they are a joy! Gotta love those shelties!

  4. Bless you Gloria for many joyful moments with your funny butts!

  5. We have four rescues and it’s always a giggle when we walk them all at once…those silly Sheltie wiggle butts are so much fun to watch!

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