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This photo was shot on Dickie’s first Halloween 3 years ago. We dressed him as the fierce “Sheltito” but as you can see by the time he met all the neighborhood children he was just “plumb tuckered out”.
Dickie2What a GREAT costume Nancy!

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  1. You have my creative juices flowing now Laura. I made that little costume for Dickie and I am getting a vision! LOL!!! Next year prepare yourself for “EL SHELZORRO!!” Dickie will be “thrilled” I am sure LOL!!

  2. I would love to see Sheltito now! Maybe as Zorro? How sweet he looks! Love it Sheltito!

  3. That has to be the cutest dog and costume I’ve ever seen! And, Sheltito!! He sounds like a bad bandito!
    Adorable! — Wanda

  4. Sheltito. I’m dyin’. That is the funniest thing I will hear all week!

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