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A new….toy?

Let’s just say that Luna and the Roomba are not friends right now.Rumba LOL Jorge!


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  1. what a gorgeous looking sheltie…love the healthy looking fur.

  2. Oh, my girl LOVES the Roomba! She knows how to position herself in front of it so it bounces off her feet and nose. Sometimes it’s a little frustrating because she interferes with it to such an extent that my floors are not being cleaned…but my Roomba is being herded in small circles by my delighted Sheltie.
    She actually loves herding ALL floor care products – uprights, mops, brooms, the Roomba, etc.

  3. Mush be a sheltie thing. What a cute sheltie!

  4. My dogs HATE Roomba too. They go nuts the minute they hear Roomba’s startup melody.

  5. LOL too cute, my boy Rudy runs and hides when we take ours out.

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