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Boy am I glad that bath is over!

Maggie (from Prague), manages a smile just after her bath.
Maggie7 She looks on the bright side Magda!  :)

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  1. What a cutie! This looks very familiar… Our girls always “voice” their displeasure after brushings and baths in the same way! :-)

  2. Well it’s not really a smile, but rather an expression of anxiety. The picture doesn’t tell you that I’m holding a pine cone in my hand, which she loves to catch and play with.
    She is always a bit offended that we dared to bath her and we have to make it up to her this way :)

  3. Oo, does your sheltie (post bath time) go crazy around the house? Mine did last night, but at least she smells pretty again!

  4. What a beautiful baby.Wishing you many, many more bathtimes together. She is gorgeous and sweet!

  5. Are you sure that’s a smile? It looks like she is yelling at you!

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