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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy

Bennie is the inspiration for a new feature here at Sheltie Nation!

Be sure to check back every Friday for a dose of Sheltie puppy cute!

Bennie You are so lucky Christina!

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  1. Oh i love it! and his name too.. It name is Bennie, my name is Brennie! Similar.. haha love it!

  2. He is such a cutie patootie!!

  3. AWESOME!!! I’m looking to rescue another sheltie, but find that most places require fenced yards, or a lot of $$. I currently have a sheltie and a poodle mix as well as 2 cats… I would love to take on another little wonder!!

  4. Oh my. An even better reason for TGIF!!! :) He’s sooooooo cute!

  5. Can’t wait for Furdays, I mean Fridays now!

  6. Nothing better than a fuzzy sheltie puppy! Very cute :)

  7. Ahhhhh!!! Puppy breath!!!! I <3 Sheltie puppies!
    (BTW, Happy Birthday, Kelly )

  8. What a cute puppy!! adorable!!!

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