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Abby & Carter love to go geocaching with us. Each time we find a cache they have to examine it to see if there might be something in there for them. (This beautiful photo was taken at Big Island Lake near Flin Flon Manitoba, Canada.)
Abbycarter Trevor loved to do this too Shelly!  He even had his own travel bug, but its gone missing.  :(  For all you Geocachers out there…you can also find us under “Team Trevor” once you log in!

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  1. Awesome! Our little guy Gregor is a Geo-Dog too! Next time we’re in Manitoba (we live in Alberta) we’ll look for you on the trails!!

  2. How fun! And such a beautiful background. Makes me want to leave SoCal. Well, I guess I could drive to the mountains. lol. They look like they are part of the scenery! Beautiful!

  3. That is a beautiful picture! I bet u guys had lots of fun!!!

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