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Oh how do I love thee?

Her human & a tennis ball….Ginger couldn’t be happier!GingerballWe all know that look Robin!


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  1. Thats the Sheltie look of happiness allright…sweet eyes.

  2. What a sweet Sheltie face!
    The eyes say it all…pure love…pure spirit…and a lovely,lovely soul!

  3. Sorry Ginger girl. Didn’t mean to mispell your beautiful name! Hugs to Ginger.

  4. This would have described my first Sheltie exactly years ago. Is that a Sheltie trait? Their human and their tennis ball? Giner is beautiful and has that soft look of love in her eyes.

  5. what a face! shes beautiful.

  6. Such a sweet Sheltie expression! She’s beautiful!

  7. Ginger is gorgeous ! Very, very sweet baby!

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