Sheltie Nation

One ring to rule them all!

Mickey does it!
Ring1 (Thanks Louanne)

So does Sparx.Ring2(Cute Andrew!)

My furry monkey Toby does it…Ring3 and Trevor too!Ring4 Must be a Sheltie thing?  LOL!

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  1. I see mine aren’t the only ones. Definitely must be a Sheltie thing. So cute!

  2. all 3 of my shelties do the same thing!!! too cute : )

  3. HI – My Cassie does it with her flippy flopper (after she’s destroyed the center of it by
    “punishing” IT if SHE fails to catch it!)

  4. My shelties do that too! They are so funny!

  5. Our Jake does does this too. It always makes us laugh. Thanks for the smile of the day!

  6. Always puts a smile on my face and great joy in my heart! God bless you and all your babies!!

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