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A thankful holiday celebration!

This is a picture of Drew on his 13th birthday.  After being diagnosed with renal disease in August and spending 2 1/2 months very sick, I thought he would never reach his 13 birthday.  But he did and I’m thankful every day to be blessed with such a wonderful Sheltie.
What a happy day Marge!

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  1. Marge and Drew!!!
    Hooray for you!!!
    And a Happy New Year!!!
    From your former neighbor—
    Miss you Both

  2. I am glad Drew made it to his 13th birthday. Our Max was only 8 1/2 when he died of it.

  3. Aley, Lots of prayers for you and Chloe. I know prayers helped Drew recover.

  4. I know it’s a blessed Christmas for you and Drew. my Sage went through similar problems and his general appearance was so much like Drew’s. May God bless you, your family and may special blessings be for Drew.
    Merry Christmas

  5. YAY!!! Our Chloe has bladder cancer and is 11 1/2. WE are ding all we can to give her holistic remedies and not chemo. Shelties are so precious, it is difficult to think of our lives without their love “nudging us”.

  6. Good for you and good for Drew! What a happy birthday!!!

  7. Marge… Happy Holiday’s to you and Drew. So happy he is feeling better. Lots of love, huggs and licks! Many more happy days and memories for your New Year!

  8. I am thankful with you! Give Drew a big hug, and my two pups and I will say a prayer that all the days he has left are special! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

  9. God Bless this special baby and you also!

  10. Ahhhhhhh what a darling he is!! Our Ginger is 12
    and every day is a blessing also to us for her.
    God bless all our animals-they mean so very much
    to us!!

  11. He is a handsome guy. Happy Birthday.

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