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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: baby teeth!

If you look closely at Magnum’s baby picture, you can see the little toothy grin!  It makes me want to get another one.Mag smileooooh, makes me want another one too!

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  1. There is nothing cuter than a sweet smilin’ sheltie puppy, that’s why I have three!

  2. Oh! I love when they have that puppy toothy grin. Especially cuz their teeth are so cute! I will go pour over my puppy pictures….before I buy another one.

  3. What an adorable, precious little face. I agree with Michele…Shelties are way too cute to just have one. My Aunt has our Dickie’s litter mate, “Dolly”. There is lots of Sheltie-play when they get together.

  4. yeah , that happened to me too, I have 3!! Shelties are like potatoe chips….

  5. If you tell my Cait, who just turned three, that she has beautiful teeth, she will give you a toothy grin. You don’t necessarily have to have a young pup to enjoy a little toothy grin. Still, the adorableness of Magnum makes me want another one too.

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