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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Puppy Situps!

Juliet, at 3.5 weeks, is already trying to keep her girlish figure.  ;) Situps This photo of Juliet is hilarious Michelle!

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  1. I’m definitely feeling the pull of getting a Sheltie puppy!

  2. This is a terrible picture… for Fridays! makes me want to go out on the weekend to buy another sheltie.
    I need to have a puppy picture for Mondays so that I’d look forward to work :D

  3. wow! That is adorbale!! Too cute :-)

  4. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! Thanks for posting!!!

  5. *squee!* Look at her touching her toes! “And a-one, a-two, a-three, and a-four! Feel the burn!”

  6. I think she wants to start a puppy pilates class! Adorable!!!!

  7. what a cute, funny, adorable pic

  8. What an inspirational picture! I’m starting a new exercise program today!

  9. Looks like the little girl has discovered some extra feet.

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