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EVERYONE talks about the Sheltie Smile.  My Bandit has more of the Sheltie Attitude.  Just thought you all might enjoy seeing what he thinks of having his picture taken when I said “co-operate or no treat.”

BanditsillyHe did get the treat not just because he finally co-operated, but because he’s just too darn cute!


LOL Sandi!

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  1. I know the Sheltitude very well. My Sheltie Lulu thinks she is the center of the universe, and to her commands are considered merely suggestions. I’ve had four Shelties in forty years, and Lulu is the only one with this behavior characteristic. As we always say around here; “Lulu does not suffer fools gladly.” I must admit however that she is the center of my universe. Lulu and Bandit would get along very well.

  2. He’s so handsome! And I love his expression in the first photo!

  3. Even when he finally looked at the camera, I can still see a little smirk!

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