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Sibling Rivalry

Ellie says “Back off Kasey, this is me and Mommy time!” Rivalry LOL, ooooh she is serious Sean & Bethany!

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  1. They can’t look fierce, even when they try! My Buddy can do that. . .I guess the submissive one has to do something!:)

  2. Well, I wish I could send you a picture of my little precious Angie Love! She wrinkles up her nose so much at our young one, Christopher, that she just sneezes and sneezes! It is darling! She never hurts him, just lets him know she is top dog!

  3. I saw the adorable post earlier with the two sheltie laying together … and I was so jealous – then I see this and I feel better – I’m not alone – that’s what Coda does when Beau tries to nudge her out of the way of mommy or daddy love

  4. ~ Well, I prefer to believe that she is simply GRINNING at pretty Kasey! (:

  5. Boy, there’s been a lot of that going around our house lately, too!

  6. Now there’s a sheltie look I recognize! It’s all about the Mommy time!

  7. Oh jeez, I’ve seen that look before. And, from my dogs too, he he.

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