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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Hi, I’m Mr. March!

Buddy looks like he is trying out for a spot in the next Sheltie calendar.   Bone Marie :)

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  1. woww she really is a dainty little girl!!! down right adorable. dont let thte big bully dogs in the house steal her littler dainty bones

  2. it looks like he is saying :yea, I’m cute, now let me get back to my bone” (~:

  3. Gosh, he looks so intelligent! What a good-lookin’ little guy! Snorgle!

  4. Love him.. .I have a Buddy too!

  5. I am on #6! they fill my home with LOVE! Sandy

  6. I REALLY have to stop looking on Fridays. The cute puppy faces make me want another one!

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