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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I can never have enough toys!

Cranberry is running to get a toy because apparently there’s not enough right beside him? Cranberry Watch out for this little manipulator Denice!  You will be buying toys like, forever!

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  1. I love him! One of mine has blue eyes and it marked just like that… this dog could be her brother!!! Super cute

  2. those little perfect paws are adorable. I love the pic, his tail is dead center in the frame. good job.

  3. Just love those pretty blue eyes. :)

  4. He can talk me into giving him another toy anytime.

  5. I love the blue eye! This pup is just too cute. Ok ok, ALL the sheltie pups are too darn cute!!

  6. He is sooo cute! Look at those pretty blue eyes.

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