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Sheep herding: the home study program

Suki is kinda-sorta practicing.  Sheep dog trainingWhere did you get that great sheep Louise?  LOL

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  1. Cutest thing I have seen in a while. Where did you get the sheep?

  2. Yes she loves that sheep, I know it was from a Petstore but I can’t remember which one, she’s had it for a year and loves the thing, even sleeps ontop of it so it can’t escape!

  3. Hilarious!!

  4. Too cute. Love it!

  5. My sheltie has developed an interesting philosophy. She bit off all 4 legs of her stuffed sheep so she doesn’t need to watch it – it can’t “go” anywhere :)

  6. Daphne, my sheltie, has the exact same sheep! It’s her favorite toy! We got it at our local feed and grain store.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, but, where did you get that sheep.

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