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Sheltie collateral damage

DooleyThe other day, I took Dooley in to have his teeth cleaned.  I knew that they would anesthetize him, but I didn’t know they would have to shave his poor little leg to do it.  Now it looks like he’s wearing a furry white Ugg boot!  Here he is during his moping phase after the procedure.  Thankfully his teeth are now nice and white!

Lots of cookies helps in these situations Jacqueline!  :))

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  1. In our house, we called that the boo-boo lip. We had two Shelties “cross the bridge” last fall but we’re adopting soon.

  2. My Alick had to have four teeth pulled in January – poor boy. He came through well though and he is 13. When he got home he kept staring at his bare leg where they shaved it. It was too cute, it was like he was embarrassed! Dooley is so pretty, I’m sure he’s a blessing to you as Alick is to me.

  3. Poor Dooley, good job getting his teeth cleaned!

  4. Aww, look at that skinny little leg! I’m always surprised by how little my shelties are underneath all that fur. I love Dooley’s ears in this pic, one up and one tip flopped over. Too cute!

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