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Snow globe Sheltie

Puppy mill rescue Cinnamon enjoys a fresh snow fall. Cinnamon What a neat photo Renatta & Rachel!  Hugs to you for adopting her!

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  1. She is one spoiled, happy camper! We love her dearly. She has come a long, long way. She is so cute she brings tears to our eyes. You should see her sleeping on our King size bed as we are getting ready for work! Such a princess.
    Her Adopted Family!

  2. Soooo cute!!!
    Im so happy she now has a wonderful home!

  3. What a cool picture!! LOVE IT!

  4. Wish we could rescue them all. . .will never understand. Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Another adorable NJ Sheltie Rescue pup!

  6. Those NJ Sheltie Rescue pups are adorable!

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