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Stick with me little brother

Quincy and Mocha are inseparable! Quincymocha Such faces Claire!

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  1. Cuddlebugs!!

  2. omg how cute

  3. How can you NOT love a Sheltie??? I am getting a new puppy next month (April) to keep my Laci company and Play with.. Can’t wait… you really can not have just one….. LOVE THEM

  4. Oh wow. That has got to be one of the cutest fuzzy photos I have ever seen. I just want to eat them both up. TOOOO adorably cute!!

  5. OMG how CUTE is that

  6. They are so precious! This is one of the cutest sheltie puppy photos

  7. Hey it’s not Friday! You I have to fight temptation TWO days this week?

  8. It is only Wednesday and here are two fuzzies. What cuties. This is a great way to get rid of mid week blahs.

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