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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Oh that baby face!

This photo is from Sammy’s first day home with us. Of course we shot a lot of photo’s on that day and this one is definitely our favorite. He must have known that if he tries to look cute it will benefit him. He succeeded … :) Sammypuppy Oh yea…no hope in resisting that face Marc & Jacqueline!

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  1. God…you just want to grab that and eat it up!! Utterly adorable-precious!!

  2. I love this little guy so much, I would just love to meet him.

  3. I want to kiss that sweetie!

  4. OMG. I want a baby!!!

  5. So adorable. Makes me want to get another sheltie!

  6. Love it love it love it. . .my Sheltie fix each morning with these pictures is a great start to any day. He is precious.. .hugs!!

  7. Wishing all of you years of wonderful Sheltie hugs and love….Sammy is a lucky boy.

  8. what a sweet face:)

  9. Wonderful photo… just melt your heart!

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