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Pondering Matilda

Matilda ponders more than just water.

A) I see a bird! I wanna get it.  Wait, I’m on a leash.

B) I wanna go eat snow! But wait, I’m on a leash.

C) Oh pooh, I’m on leash, so I’m sitting down.Pondering-matildaShe is so fuzzy Pat.  :)

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  1. Cute..Kelly always gives me her back shot like this when she is ticked off with me!
    If I didn,t know better I would think this is her, as the coloring ect looks the same!

  2. That looks like my Emileee when she’s sitting down! The fuzzy ears and the lighter brown peeking through the darker brown. With that tad bit, I think your fur baby is adorable!

  3. I agree- thank you. Her coat is so pretty. I love her.

  4. Shelties are adorable no matter what angle their picture is taken!

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