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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I wuz doin nuffin!

Bella is trying to pretend she wasn’t caught “red” pawed!Not diggin LOL Mary!

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  1. I love the caption “I wuz doin nuffin!” to this picture hahah, so adorable.

  2. They all can do ‘that look’ — they KNOW when they’re caught!! And they know YOU know!

  3. The best way to start the day is with a new Sheltie photo!

  4. Friday Fuzzy, and every day of the week, start with a big smile when I see the Sheltie Nation PIC :-]…. thanks !!

  5. Awww it made my day to see a Friday Fuzzy! She is too cute!

  6. I want to pick Bella up …she looks so sad…or is it sheepish? Adorable pup.

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