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Sheltie Shotgun!

Willow enjoys the ride around the lake at Eldorado Park in Long Beach, CA.Willowbike2

Willowbike1 Looks soooo fun Michele!

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  1. Woot! SoCal sheltie lovers unite! El Dorado park is a nice place.

  2. What a beautiful picture. That is one happy sheltie =)

  3. How cute! Every once in awhile, I find other So Cal sheltie people on SN, so I know they exist (lol).. However, I rarely ever come across other shelties when we’re out on our walks or to parks, etc. We’ll have to come to El Dorado. It’s only about 20 minutes from us ;-).. Maybe we’ll (hubby, Baron & Rookie) see you and Willow ride by sometime..

  4. What a companion. . .and wayyy too cute!

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