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A standout among her Sheltie peers!

Autumn won Barkiest Sheltie at the 2009 NJ Sheltie Rescue Picnic.  Over 20 barks in 30 seconds.  I am so proud…I think???
Barky LOL..what an accomplishment Lisa!

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  1. There is an award for barking?? Sign Keegan up!

  2. My wife and I have always said that we believe that “Sheltie” is Scottish for “I love to bark”.

  3. Autumn is a speed talker. Hope to see everyone with their shoutie shelties at the rescue pinic.

  4. Shouties! I love it! Autumn’s agility teacher says she is cursing in “dog” when I messs up. :-O

  5. “I am so proud, I think?” hahahahhahah. Congrats!

  6. I agree! Most all of mine have been very talkative!

  7. shouthie that’s great! i sometimes feel as though iam gettng yelled at by mine!

  8. I sometimes think the breed is misnamed. I call them Shouties — at least when my Cait is intensely telling me something, in triplicate.

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