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Puddle, puddle upon the ground…

Who is the fairest Sheltie around?ReflectionAwesome shot (of Sally, Linus, and Moriah) Glen!

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  1. They have such perfect little sheltie paws!

  2. A very cool photo! God gives those kinds of opportunities. We just have to be ready!

  3. LOL they reallyl are addictive! I’d love a tri to be my next one. Someday!

  4. There is just no way you could have even posed a picture that beautiful! Now I’m going to have to make sure to always carry a camera with me to try to replicate that shot. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. You wouldn’t be sorry! I have 3 already, a sable, a blue merle, and a tri. Now I want a bi-black and then a bi-blue. They truly are addictive! :)

  6. they are beautiful!!!!!

  7. what three beautiful dogs!!!

  8. OMG! What a beautiful shot!!!

  9. Now that is an awesome shot! Beautiful! What is better than 3 shelties… why their reflections of course!

  10. wow that is cool!

  11. I’m seeing Shelties in 3’s and it’s making me want a 3rd! Sally, Linus, and Moriah are so beautiful!

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