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Spare change for a needy Sheltie?

Madoo is a 6 year old male, color headed white sheltie that was recently taken in by Maine Sheltie Rescue.   As you can see, he is a very sweet boy!

Madoo is currently on medical hold because he came into rescue with a broken leg, but he will be up for adoption once he is all better.

Madoo had a very bad fracture to his leg that needed surgery.  His former owner was visiting his wife in a nursing home, who was outside.  When he went out to see her, he let go of of Madoo’s leash, and at the same time a motorcycle was going by.   Madoo went after it, only to get hit by a car from behind.  :(

On May 22nd he had surgery, and almost a month later he was turned over to Sheltie rescue.  His leg never healed and he needed surgery again – costing over $2000.00.

If you feel so inclined to make a donation to his expenses & recovery,  you can send a check made payable to:

KVSSC Rescue
P.O. Box 304
Palmyra, ME 04965

Madoo had his 2nd surgery on 6/23 and it went really well!   He is now on the mend.  (It takes 8 weeks for a bone to heal.)  The rescue bank account will hopefully heal faster with help.  ;)

Madoo is listed on petfinder & his listing will be updated as he progresses.

If you are interested in adopting Madoo or another Sheltie from Maine Sheltie Rescue, you can visit their website or contact Holly Fent.  (There is normally a waiting list for dogs as they become available.)

10/11/10 Madoo has been adopted!

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  1. Will my donation go directly to Madoo the a 6 year old male, color headed white sheltie’s fund? Is Madoo adoptable? The site says no dogs are available for adoption. Thanks!

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