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Bouncing makes me dry faster!

Baron and Rookie practicing their “After Bath Zoomies” on a beautiful Spring day.
LOL Terri

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  1. Airborne! Completely airborne! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. The only way my 2 put up with a bath is the Greenie they get after drying. And they never forget about the treat. Bath time today.

  3. Too right, Gwendy! Everybody else I talk to gets a puzzled look on their face when I say “after bath zoomies”!

    This is such a cute picture!

  4. Fantastic camera work! You sure gave me a giggle to start my Sunday…thanks!

  5. Nothing more fun than watching those sheltie zoomies!

  6. After bath zoomies….another term that only shelties lovers would understand. I think there should be a sheltie dictionary.

    • Great idea Gwendy…I’d buy one!

    • Mine does “lappies” through the house, onto the spare bedroom bed, back of the couch, rolling on the carpet, sticking her schnoz in any available towel or blanket or rug – all in her “after getting wet” rituals! Crazeee furkid!

  7. You Go Guys……

  8. too funny love it

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