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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: kitty sitter

Coda & Milk are chillin together.Little cuties Kelley!

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  1. Coda was my little baby. He went everywhere with me, unfortunately, my boyfriend and I were visiting his father and his dad let Coda out and he got hit. I cry very often over losing Coda, he was definitely my best friend. I recently adopted a sheltie from a rescue, she is 7, abused and lost her will to be a dog, it is definitely a sad story. *Sobs* I sure do miss my little pup.

  2. How sweet! And you can even see the puppy’s collar! Charlie has one somewhere under that great mane…

  3. Isn’t this about as cute as cute can be? Thanks for sharing…

  4. I just love those little white puppy paws!

  5. awwwww…I remember when my Syssi looked like this…

  6. Oh, they are so adorable!

  7. Looks like someone has a bodyguard!

  8. how cute I remember when my beloved sheltie was that little

  9. So Very Adorable

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