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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: One always leads to another!

We adopted a cute little Sheltie from a VA rescue named Bentley.  He seemed a bit lonely so we got him a little sister we named Zoey.  Here they are lounging on their dog bed chewing their Bully sticks.  The two are inseparable!

Go for 3 Susan! :))

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  1. Two Shelties are good for each other. Three’s a charm. We have four we adore!! You just can’t have one! : )

  2. Shelties are like potato chips, you can’t stop at one.
    Here we have a by-law of 3 but I now have 4.

    • When I had my first Sheltie, a handler told me that Shelties are like peanuts, because you can’t stop at just one. So, guess what I named my next Sheltie. Peanut! :)

  3. I’m kind of glad we have a city limit of 3, because these two are way too adorable.

    • We have a city limit of 3 as well. I’m so afraid that if I try to sneak under the radar with four, a frustrated neigbor will call the cops about the four barkers in my back yard. I need to move to a farm!

  4. there are so very cute! thank you for giving them a home.

  5. Shelties are very addictive!! I now have 4 and just love them all.

    • We just adopted our first Sheltie….. blue merle that we named River Blue who is 8 months. He is such a treasure. I heard that “two can’t stop at one”.

  6. yup, you’d better watch out. They’re addicting! :) Get one in every color!

    • Ah, Lynn. We have the same addiction. We have two (a tri and a blue merle) and I keep saying I still need a sable, a sable merle, and a bi-black to complete our pack.

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