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I’ll show you!

Josie has her own special way of showing us she misses us when we leave the house without her.

LOL Susie!

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  1. How can you be mad at her with that cute little face and the toilet paper wrapped around her? My Emie doesn’t go for the toilet paper but the roll. She used to dig through the trash and tear up anything in it. So, we came up with a compromise where she can only grab the toilet paper rolls out. She will go into the bathroom and delicately grab the rolls out making sure it’s ok with me. But yeah, bathroom doors need to stay shut but there’s always that one time you forget.

  2. Josie looks soooo innocent haha. Cute pup…

  3. I love Sheltie faces!

  4. Josie is one of 3 Shelties at our house. Not only is toilet paper unsafe, but all our decorator pillows have their corners chewed off! She’s teaching her baby sister to do the same – sigh, but all of them are so precious! Josie feels guilty tho – she actually puts herself in timeout (which is a chair that has bars across it resembling “jail”)!

  5. All bathroom doors have to be closed when we leave Grimlock. Destroying paper is his one bad habit. Considering what I’ve seen some dogs do, I’ll consider myself lucky. Cute pic!

  6. LOL! My Sheltie does this too, especially if we all leave her alone at night. She’ll grab the end of the toilet paper and run — usually gets about 5 feet before the paper stops falling. then she looks really sheepish when we come home and ask her “Who did this?”

  7. Yeah….I leave the bathroom door shut now. I hear you on the underwear thing, too, Leslie. The Devil will find work for idle paws to do.

  8. My Declan is guilty as well. Some days are 3 toilet roll days, my living room often looks like a snowstorm hit it. With mountains of underwear thrown in for texture! ***sigh***But we don’t mind at all, do we? We love them all the more.

  9. Snicker’s does the same thing. I had to have a “conference” with her last night. I told her that she is five years old and big girls don’t do that. I am sure that it went in one sheltie ear and out the other.

  10. Ohhhh….Syssi (My Sheltie) does the same thing as well as empties the bathroom trash can. I don’t even mind because she is MY BABY! :)

    Josie is beautiful…

  11. this is too cute!!!!!! Love it!

    I may have a cat blog but I also own a handsome Sheltie named Dakota!!

    I am following Sheltie Nation on Twitter and can’t figure out why Sheltie Nation won’t follow me back :(

    My twitter name is @catchatcaren

  12. Oh…she is adorable and she knows that she shouldn’t have done that. Her eyes are very expressive!

  13. Awwwwwwwwww Josie

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