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See what a little love and kindness can do?

Oliver was rescued by NJ Sheltie Rescue minutes before being euthanized.  He was abused, sick (thyroid), cranky, suspicious, no fur & his teeth were in awful shape.

Here he his about a year later.Big hugs to you Laura and Walt for fostering him!

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  1. I join everyone else in thanking you for having such open and loving hearts! Oliver is lucky to have you, and I know you are feeling lucky to have him! Love from Ann Marie and my sable baby Jack.

  2. wow holy smokes thank you God

  3. How wonderful. God bless Laura and Walt. Hope the person/persons that had Oliver previously never own another dog ever again. Oliver, you’re beautiful….and look at that sheltie smile!

  4. He looks so good now. I am to hear that he is happy and healthy again as well.

  5. See how beautifully they blossom with love and proper care. While all dogs deserve the best in life it always hurts my heart a little more when it happens to a Sheltie. Those of us who have Shelties know their sensitive nature and just how loyal they are to their families. Great job in rescuing this boy. You can see by his smile how well loved and well cared for he his now. Bless you all.

  6. What wonderful people you are to provide such a caring home and nursing Oliver back to being such a beautiful Sheltie. His beautiful smile says it all. Thank God there are such wonderful people as you are. May Oliver bless you with many special days spent together.

  7. Such a trooper! You made a BIG difference in his life. Thank you so much!!


  9. Great big hugs and a million Thanks for rescuing Oliver !!

  10. Ha Ha Ha!! The smile on his face says it all!

  11. God Bless you for rescuing him!

  12. Thanks to Laura and Walt for rescuing such a fine specimen of shelite! He looks absolutely wonderful and you must feel the same!

  13. Oh, what a beautiful dog! He is wonderful and so are his rescuers!! Bless you times a million! There is nothing like a dog’s unconditional love (especially Sheltie love!!)!

  14. I love happy endings and beautiful sheltie pups!!

  15. Thank you for all you’ve done for Oliver. He will love you back forever! He is the best!

  16. Look at that sheltie smile!!! It says it all! :)

  17. WOW !!! Bless both of you for saving this beautiful boy !!!! Thank God there are people on this earth like you to show these babies what real love and affection is. He just looks so happy now. Bless his little heart….

  18. Oh he looks so wonderful now… God bless you for taking care of him and giving him the chance he needed to be loved and cared for..

    He is an absolute beauty

  19. God Bless you both and Oliver too. I can’t imagine what kind of monster did that to him. My heart goes out to all the abused pups and I hope they find loving homes like yours. Thanks goes to the Sheltie Rescue too.
    My Jack was also dumped and abused and was found by our local county Humane Society with fresh wound from a coyote trap by the dump. An ad was run for his owner for 10 days but no one claimed him. The first day I saw the ad, I called and asked to be notified immediately if owner picked him up. Jack has been our beautiful boy ever since and a constant companion to our little girl Beetle.
    Again thank and blessings to you and Oliver.

  20. WOW! Every time I see things like this, makes me want to have a farm just to rescue Shelties. Heart breaks, then you see the results of love. Kudos to you Laura and Walt. . .many years of Sheltie smiles and kisses!

  21. As a person who rescues shelties, my heart is always warmed by the unselfish dedication of those who take in cases others refuse. Laura and Walt you are miracle workers! Hats off to you. Your kindness and dedication are truly visible in this little soul. I recently took in a 12 year old. Not much to look at. However, his love, sweetness and kindness wins my heart. Bless you for the work you do!

  22. Beautiful Oliver–So glad he is happy and loved!!!
    My heart goes out to the many people who take care
    of so many unfortunate animals!!!

  23. I work with Laura and Walter through NJ Sheltie Rescue and Oliver landed in a special foster home. He is a very lucky little boy!

  24. Bless you Oliver!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Bless the person who rescued you!!!!!!!!!

  25. Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. Look at that sheltie smile!

  26. He is beautiful. thank you for rescuing him.

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