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Sheltie snuggle session in progress

Rufus wants  you to join him!:) Cheryl

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  1. Hey all, I’m the proud mom of Rufus :)

    P.Snyder – what you wrote touched me so much. I wish Rufus has such a special ‘teddy’. He props his head at pretty much anything, not just this toy – my lap/pillow/when I’m folding clothes, he props his head on the piles of clothes, etc.

  2. How could you say no to that face!

  3. This brings back great memories for me. My first Sheltie,Willie was given a small teddy bear when he was 9 weeks old. He played with it, and like Rufus, slept with it, using it for a pillow, until he died at age 12. I still have that bear as a keepsake.

  4. I Rufus I will join you

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