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A whole lotta Sheltie rescue love!

WI Sheltie Rescue invites all the Adopters and Adoptees back for a reunion every year in the county park in Chilton, WI.   That is over 130 Shelties returning with their owners!  There is a huge picnic lunch followed by fund raiser events:  rummage sale, silent auction, sale of t-shirts, sweat shirts, dog beds made by Lisa Martin, founder of the rescue.

Hugs to each & every one of you for adopting!  :0))

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  1. 130 Shelties?!?!?!?!? You must need some serious ear muffs during that day.

  2. Looks like Heaven on Earth to me!

  3. Wow amazing photo God Bless you all…….

  4. Wow thats a lot. Thank you all for giving all these wonderful dogs a second chance

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