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Chicken legs are cute!

Toffee has chicken legs after a LONG day of wave herding on a beach in Prince Edward Island, Canada

I bet he sleeps good tonight Lady! :)

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  1. I’m envious of all of you whose shelties like the water. I’ve had four shelties, and they all absolutely hate the water. Any advice about getting them acclimated to swimming?

    • I try to let them get used to it and NEER forve them closer to it than what they want to be.. Take it easy and let them run and figure it out… Of course it is the sound of the crashing waves and the movement that he cannot resist HE MUST herd the waves, lol

  2. He’s the best little dog I ever had, my very first Sheltie and he won’t be my last!
    What a ham :)

  3. Beautiful picture & darling doggy Toffee is. Love his name too! He is one blessed boy to have a mom take him for such fun times!

  4. Gypsy and Chandler want to herd waves with Jack. He looks like he had too much fun. Wet and Tired is a great sign.

  5. My sheltie, Austin, does the same thing!! Herds the waves at our SC beaches!! One of his nicknames is Chicken!!!! So cute!!!!

  6. Toffee you have beautiful legs, your a lucky boy…..

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