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Cool post for a hot summer day!

Winston’s photo looks so refreshing in August!Such a sweet expression Tony!

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  1. Sorry to hear that Kathy, and yes, their face is one of the many things i fell in love with when i got him,….he came right to me,…Kat- I think we’re all ready for some snow down south here!

  2. Love that picture. As it has not been below 97 for over a month down here in the south, both Sophie (my sheltie) and I appreciate the cool reminder :) !

  3. shelties seem to have irristable faces. i lost my sheltie of 14 years in April. I miss him very much.

  4. Thanks Emma & Kim!,…Winston is my pal, he’s such a great companion, he’s always by myself and my wifes side,…

  5. Your a very handsome boy there Winston….

  6. Those are just the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen. Winston looks like such a good buddy!

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