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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I’ll show you around

Looks like Max is telling Leo about his new home !

Best friends already Mary! :))

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  1. And it looks like Leo is listening carefully. Heartwarming!

  2. What a magic moment!

  3. Wayyy too cute. My Timmy and Buddy were just like that. Buddy was a mini me that followed (and still does) Timmy everywhere. Love it:)

  4. This just made my day!!!,…how fun!,…thanks Max & Leo,..=)

  5. is Max saying “Look out for this rough spot”? (~:

  6. That is adorable!!! How cute! Their gorgeous!

  7. absolutely adorable!

  8. This is just too precious! I love it.

  9. This is the dearest picture!!! : )

  10. Max and Leo are soooooo adorable!!!!!

  11. awwww!

  12. how cute is this?? so adorable

  13. That’s exactly what it looks like! How cute :)

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