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Sweet at any age

At almost 14 years of age, Angel still likes her stuffed animals.

Precious Dawn!

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  1. beautiful no matter how old they are

  2. So sweet! We’re hoping our girls will live for many years, still acting like puppies!

  3. She’s so beautiful…what a sweetheart!

  4. What a sweet girl!

  5. Angel looks great for 14! So sweet!

  6. I <3 senior Shelties.

  7. So that’s the secret to a long, happy life … remain a puppy at heart! Thanks for sharing, Dawn!

  8. Awww, your Angel looks like our Buster. He is 16 as of last week and looks grey in the temples, he is still our same old puppy at heart. Thank you for sharing!

  9. She is so precious!!!!

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