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Wet n’ fuzzy

Lexi enjoys the water at Huntington Beach, Ca.Such a sweet face Dawn!

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  1. Lexi is beautiful!

  2. Woo hoo! Dog Beach! I don’t get down there very often either, but I always keep my eye out for other Shelties. =)

  3. I certainly will look for you.. Have I ever asked you where you got Lexi? Don’t think I…??

  4. Lexi is beautiful! I’ll have to take my boys down there (H.B. Dog Beach) sometime and maybe we’ll see you there! Do you go often?

    • Thanks! We go by the jetty between Huntington and Newport. Shallow water and no waves! We don’t get there very often, because we live in Chino. Look for us with 2 black GSDs…

  5. My shelties have never been near the water and yours is IN the water. Looks like she’s enjoying it too!

  6. Lexi is so beautiful. She has the most wonderful eyes.

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