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Airplane ears!

Ah yes, the look we all know so well!Frederick & Bethany tell us this is what greets them in the morning when Rhett wants his walk!

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  1. I call that “the calendar pose” when Rapha wants something, he strikes the perfect pose.

  2. He’s my lil man. As soon as I peek with my one eye open, his ears go straight down. He gets so excited when Fred and I wake up in the mornings. I tell ya, it is the best way to start the day. BTW, Leslie…yes, there will be a Scarlett in the near future.

  3. Beg face! Noone can resist! I love it when their ears totally disappear.

  4. How can you possibly say no to that?

  5. Mine get their ears so flat against their heads you’d swear they don’t have any. (BTW is there a Scarlett in Rhett’s future?)

    • Hello, Leslie

      It is funny that we are planning to have a female Sheltie soon and we are planning to name her SCARLETT! you had read our mind ;)

      Fred & Beth

  6. We call that the “Excuse me, please, but I have to go to the bathroom” look.

  7. Never heard of it referred to that. So funny!

  8. Yep…. I know that look all to well LOL Beautiful dog!

  9. The Sheltie stare. . . priceless:)

  10. too precious! how do they DO that??

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