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All girls like pretty hairdos!

Apparently Chloe and Misty don’t mind the groomers, but HATE the bows.  Those never seem to make it home intact!

Always a good idea to snap those pictures while you can Kate! ;)

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  1. beautiful girls!

  2. great pic…the little blue merle does not look amused. cutie pies

  3. Thanks so much for posting. This is one of my favorite photos of our girls, and you sharing it just made my week!

  4. Holy cow, that is way too cute!

  5. DIVAS!!!!

  6. Am I a bad mom when I put a bow on my little boy occasionally? Strangers don’t know he’s a boy unless I tell them… hehe! Shelties are just so cute!

  7. I’m not so sure my Cha Cha would like the bows…they do look cute. I groom her at home so never tried a bow.

  8. Sweet! I have three beautiful fur kids that look over the back seat like that when they are in the car….Love the looks on these two’s face!

  9. Totally Cute!!! :-)

  10. OMG………………There Beautiful!!!!!!!!

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